See Reasons Why Some Women Give Birth to Disabled Children

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Birth defects are abnormalities or defects in the physical or internal structure of a newborn baby.

Even though not all birth defects can be prevented, some irregularities in babies are caused by the negligence of women during pregnancy.

Giving birth to a healthy baby takes conscious commitment on the part of the expectant mother.

You must be committed to taking steps that will enhance the proper development of your unborn baby by choosing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the following habits during pregnancy which could harm your baby according to

1. Not Planning;

some women do not plan before getting pregnant. Every woman who wants to get pregnant should take 400 milligrams of folic acid.

Not doing this could lead to major birth defects in your child’s brain or spinal cord.

2. Staying away from doctors;

women who form the bad habit of not seeking proper medical advice during pregnancy are at high risk of having children with birth defects.

You should make it your duty to start prenatal care as soon as you think you are pregnant and make regular yvisits to the hospital throughout your pregnancy

3. Taking harmful substances during pregnancy;

See Reasons Why Some Women Give Birth to Dis-abled Children

drinking alcohol when you are pregnant can cause lifelong physical, behavioural and intellectual disabilities in your child.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects like cleft lip, cleft palate or even infant death.

Meanwhile, some women take marijuana during pregnancy which can also cause birth defects

4. Not preventing or treating infections;

some infections that women can get during pregnancy can be harmful to the developing fetus in their womb. Hence, women should go for regular checks and treat infections properly.

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