Revealed: Yul Edochie Snatched Somebody’s Wife – Ex Husband Of Judy Reveals

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Nollywood actress, Judy Austin’s first husband has made a fresh revelation about the movie star’s affair with Yul Edochie.

The actress was married to a man named Obasi after she got pregnant at 19, they had their second child in 2009.

According to reports, Obasi ensured Judy had university education; and in 2012, she met filmmaker Yul.

The duo started dating, and even though Obasi caught them and reported Judy to her people, nothing changed. In December of the same year, the actress emptied Obasi’s house, took their kids and walked out of her marriage because of Yul. Obasi still had access to his kids and took care of them until Yul paid Judy’s bride price recently, and cut him off even though they were still married by tradition.

Obasi has since then moved on but is now pleading with the public to help him ensure Judy and her new husband do not take away the joy of being a father from him. According to him, Yul is more influential and his efforts to go through family and the law have proved abortive.

The full statement as made available by cutiejulls reads:

“So after the elders in Judy’s community called Mr Obasi about Yul’s intention to marry Judy. They asked him that they know Judy is his wife but Yul has come to inform them that he will be coming with his people in Sunday to pay Judy’s bride price so they want to know if he returned Judy’s bride price without the elders knowing.

Mr Obasi says he told them about the incident that happened on 27th December 2017 and how Judy and Yul has been together since. He also used the opportunity to officially inform that about the fact that May has moved on with Yul since and they even have a child so this call they are calling him is not needed and all he wants is to have a good relationship with his kids.

Fast forward, Judy’s husband says he has taken issue about having contacts with his children to Onitsha Human Rights, no better results. He has been to Ogidi Welfare still no avail.

Mr Obasi wants to plead with Nigerians to help him tell Judy to allow him access for his kids. He is not comfortable with Judy raising these kids alone especially regarding so many things he saw during their marriage and the fact that Judy comfortably moved on with Yul without first divorcing him.

He is begging Nigerian legal system to have mercy on him and give him justice of making Judy allow him access to his kids. He not as connected and as rich as Yul but he is the father of his two children with Judy and he doesn’t want Yul and Judy to bully him out of his parental rights.

He says since 27th December 2012, he has never given Judy and Yul any trouble. He picked his broken heart in peace, he did not contend cuz Judy’s move proved she preferred Yul but for his children, they are his blood and he doesn’t want Yul to take them away from him…”. Maria Udeh Nwachi reports. has resumed full search into the details of this news and will update us as soon as Yul Edochie gives his own side of the story, but it’s verified that Judy was lawfully married to Obasi , before her adulterous relationship with Yul Edochie… To be continued

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