Revealed: How José Mourinho Became One Of The Most Successful Coach In The History Of Football.

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José Mourinho: have finally revealed the mystery behind his success as one of the most notable coach in the history of football, in a statement he revealed that

“my success is always based on having an African Striker. Without an African Striker i feel like i won’t succeed. My belief about African Strikers started with Benni Mccarthy at FC Porto whereby He scored more than 20 league goals to help me & FC Porto to win the Portuguese League Title . In that same season He scored very important goals for me in the Uefa Champions League that helped our careers to be well known in Europe by winning my first Champions League as a Coach “

” From Portugal to Chelsea in England, i José Mourinho find Didier Drogba. He was a great African weapon to win with me an English Premiership. I wanted Benni Mccarthy to join me to partner Didier Drogba up front but at that time He was at Blackburn Rovers and He was the only hit man there. So they refused to give us Benni Mccarthy no matter the Offer i put on the Table ”

” From Chelsea to inter Milan, there i José Mourinho wanted to win the Uefa Champions League so badly. But I only had two Ghanaian midfielders and that was not enough for me to win Champions League as i was dominating the league only.

So I sat down and thought hard about having an African Striker again. I approached FC Barcelona and they willingly sold to me the best signing of my Career Samuel E’too and the same season with Eto’o I won Champions League”

“from Inter Milan to Real Madrid. There at Real Madrid I had all talents but the reason I didn’t win the Champions League is because I had no African Striker. I tried Emmanuel Adebayour but it was a loan move so Madrid does not like to use loaned Players.”

“Brazil have Great Strikers, but if you look at them they are of African origin. I always teach new coaches on my coaching facilities that you must always have an African Striker in your team . ”

“perfect example at Manchester United they don’t believe much in African Strikers, no wonder i didn’t enjoy much success there. Some strikes gives you league titles but African Strikers gives you Champions


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