Reactions as Nnewi Youth Forum Sets to Reject Caretaker Committee: “Not Acceptable “- Outgoing PG Muoneke

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Nnewi Youth Forum; the umbrella body governing Nnewi Youth as recognized by ASATU is on fire as members alleged imposition of Caretaker Committee with the motive of imposing a candidate.

Speaking to the outgoing President General Amb. Paul Muoneke told that he is yet to receive official correspondence to that effect. He maintained that Nnewi Youth Forum is not in crisis and do not have need for a Caretaker Committee; especially, when those in the Committee are interested parties.

Reacting to the rumour surrounding his tenure expiration, he told BELL NEWS that the request of the Electoral Committee, for time elongation led to the expiration of his tenure and maintained that Nnewi Youth Forum understood that clearly and did not generate any protest letter to that effect. He maintained that Nnewi Youth Forum simply demands for a copy of the letter from the commissioner ordering the installation of Caretaker barely six days to election.

A major stakeholders in Nnewi Youth Forum maintained that the Caretaker Committee is a brain child of Prince Jude Osumuo and that he actually wanted to make Arc. K.C Onuchukwu the Caretaker Chairman if not for the eleventh hour protest from Nnewichi Community signalling that its their turn. He further insist that Onyekwelu Udeze is the financier of one of the contestants and K.C Onuchukwu is like his Director General; thus, they do not have business being in any Caretaker Committee.

Barr. Obinna Ubah who was fingered as a Co-conspirator told BELL NEWS that he was not aware that he will be nominated into the Caretaker Committee of Nnewi Youth Forum, but accepted he was told to be present at all cost in the meeting. However, members of the FORUM in majority are of the opinion that Obinna Ubah should not move from Secretary General of Nzuko Ora Nnewi to Caretaker Committee of Nnewi Youth Forum. According to them, its not growth in the right direction save if he is on a personal mission to deliver his friend who is a contestant. Reacting to the position Barr Obinna Ubah maintained he has no candidate and described his appointment as service to ndi Nnewi in general.

As at press time, is yet to interact with the new TC Chairman Nnewi Youth Forum, but its clear that he is not into any controversy as he is yet to be called out by anybody for one reason or the other.

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