Reaction As Buhari Unveils NNPC.

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday unveiled the new Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, (NNPC Limited), a landmark event that officially changes the oil firm from a wholly state-run entity to a commercial oil company, limited by shares.

The NNPC Limited is expected to be managed as a private energy enterprise, unlike the former corruption-ridden government organization.

“We are transforming our petroleum industry to strengthen the growth today July 19, 2022,” Mr. Buhari said at the event.

“NNPC Limited now will operate as a commercial oil company with over 200 million shareholders with integrity and excellence.”

The official unveiling came weeks after the corporation transitioned into a company whose operations will be regulated by the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

The legal transition, based on the new Petroleum Industry Act, took effect July 1.

The NNPC completed its incorporation in September last year weeks after the PIA was signed into law by President Buhari.

The NNPC Limited was then floated with an initial capital of N200 billion making history as the company with the highest share capital in the country.

The new entity is expected to become a commercially oriented and profit-driven national petroleum company independent of government, although government bodies remain its shareholders. It will be audited annually.

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