Reaction As APC Declares Operation Free Food For Four Years Campaign.

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As the 2023 election approaches, several campaign fliers have been spotted in town.

A recent poster of the All Progressives Congress with the inscription ‘free food for four years’ has resurfaced and is currently making waves on social media.

The free food which is a known APC mantra has been greeted with disdain by Nigerians.

Many believe this campaign poster is an abuse and disrespect to average Nigerians whiles others are disappointed that all the party sees are beggars.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians on social media;

isiviolet03: Is Nigeria a joke to this man. Every time food food food. We don’t want obesity old man. The world has changed

ubermajestic: Na like this e dey be when touts become campaign managers … The only thing wey make sense for their mouth na “eh, e mu fun, omo wa ni, e je ko sé”..

ifeanyimajor: Free food campaign again …. chai it shows de top to bottom season 2

mach_ique: I’m shaming shy right now…shame dey catch me ni

juicewrld4999: Food!!! food!!! food!!! shows what they see us as mere beggars, I don’t blame them sha, many actually are

dijawsceremonies: You don’t need free food for a whole four years if there are structures in place to get you a job to buy your desired food.

spicequeencanada: Eyyaa the abuse and disrespect on the average Nigerian is a lot. FREE FOOD !! And some people would be thirsting for this so much they’ll sign away their future – for agbado and cassava, even if it’s salad. These people are so sure of where they’ve kept the people – dem no rate us. Oya, agbado hunters, over to una.

biggieoflife: Obasanjo at 85 will have my vote. His Economic Records & Foreign Policy inspired my interest in 9ja politics. Osinbajo will have my vote too, if he’s not up against Peter Obi. Any solid Yoruba will have my vote. But BAT is a NO for me. It’s not about tribe, it’s about Tinubu.

coco_candy_d: Somebody say with Me “I will not eat away my future and the future of my generations yet unborn”

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