Prophet Joshua Iginla drops new prophecies

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The founder and General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla, has taken to his social media page to drop a prophecy that will happen in the next 7 days. He said what God has deposited inside of you will be provoked in the next 7 days.

“I prophesy, in the next 7 days, with the corrosive and acidic anointing in me, I provoke what God has deposited inside of you in the name of Jesus”, he said.


Speaking further, he said “glory” comes from a Hebrew word known as kabod, which means weight, and it’s the attribute of God deposited in a man to cause tremendous manifestation. He said whenever God wants to do something great for you, He will hide it into another thing and He will not reveal what He has put inside of you unless you are mature.


Finally, the cleric said anyone who wants to be a carrier of God’s glory must learn to keep secrets.


As expected, social media users took to the comment section of the post to react. They claimed the prophecy upon their lives and said “amen”. Check out the screenshots below for the details.





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