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By Don Peter Okoro.

Come Thursday the 7th of December 2023 at the New Covenant of God Mission, New Covenant Close, Akaboukwu,Uruagu Along Oba/Okigwe Rd, Nnewi Anambra State, a galaxy of Eminent Men and Women of God will assemble for a Powerpacked Ministration at the Annual Conference of MASTERSEED College of Bishops Network in conjunction with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Nnewi North.

The MASTERSEED is headed by His Royal Eminence, Archbishop Prof. Emma David Okafoagu JP2 (Lion of Africa). Among those slated for ministration are Archbishop Dr. Titus Orji, Archbishop Dr. Dr. Raphael Umeh, Archbishop Dr. Cynthia. Adaoma, Bishop Moses Ezedebego, Bishop Godwin Igwilo and Bishop Ugochukwu Nwanonyuo.

The Theme of the program is The Master Is Come John 11:28. Speaking to Award Winning Journalist, Don Peter Okoro, the Apostle of New Covenant of God Mission and Presiding Archbishop of Masterseed College of Bishops and Ministerial Network Nigeria and USA, Archbishop Professor Emma David Okafoagu has this to say on why the program is being organized in conjunction with PFN:. “” As we all know, at a point in time, we have been the Chairman of PFN for over 8 years, Chairman of CAN for 15 years, Member of SAC PFN for years and PRO for PFN at the State level.

I believe that at this particular time, Nnewi North PFN deemed it fit and proper, as one of their Pillars that they should support our program. So, they are supporting the program with their time, money and resources. And we feel very humbled and elated.

This goes to assert the fact that it is good to be good, relevant and available. We have been relevant to many of these Pastors and they don’t want to hide it.” On what to expect on that day, he replied: “”On that day,we have a line up of God’s Generals to minister and we will also be giving out cash gifts to widows that will be attending the program.

We will also be giving out cash gifts to the first twenty Ministers to register. After the Conference, we will issue a Communique. Apart from these, we’ll be giving Academic Awards and Award of Honour to Deserving Individuals and so on.” Asked to differentiate Conference from Anniversary, he proffered:” In Anniversary, you celebrate the yearly Vision of the Mission, while you organize a yearly Conference to make the position of your Organization clear, especially to the Government and issue statements to the National and State Governments.”

Throwing more light on the Theme, he offered:”The Theme says:*”The Master Is* *Come”* not ‘ The Master Has Come’ This is to remind the people all over the world that Jesus comes everyday, every hour and every moment in the lives of people. He comes when they are in trouble or in jubilation.

He comes when they are in crisis or in peace. Jesus is with us at all times. He is available for everyone.” On the condition of Christians in Nigeria now, especially in the light of the economic and socio-political challenges, he replied:”It is not hidden.

The mind of every Christian now is very cold because of what is happening right now. It’s like Moslems have taken over the world, shrines have taken over the world. Female Traditional Worship, false prophets and ogbanje spirits are everywhere. But in all of these, it’s still gladdening for people like us to announce it loud and clear that Jesus is come.

People like us who have destroyed shrines in different corners of Anambra State are surprised that shrines are now springing up everywhere in Anambra State. Young girls are now celebrating themselves as Ogbanje. Is it not an abomination? But still, Jesus Is Come!”” On his message to the Body of Christ:”I call on everybody to rise up.

Don’t say you have done it before and so, will not do it again. Right now, the headquarters of our Faith,Isreal has been surrounded by the enemies. We must rise up and pray. In Anambra State, the criminals are all over the place, we must rise up in prayers. In Nigeria, the Politicians are promising heaven on earth which no one know when it will materialize.

The Politicians are not truthful to themselves, they are not truthful to their families, not truthful to the church. They dupe everyone to win election. If possible they are ready to dupe God. I’m calling on Christians all over to address the issue of Unity, Love and Peace. Let us go into serious Prayers and Evangelism and look for every possible way to challenge whatsoever that is challenging us. Thank you very much.”

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