Presidency Reacts to Peter Obi’s Accusation of ‘Silent Arrests’ of Supporters

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The Presidency has dismissed accusations by presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, that some of his supporters, known as “Obidients”, have been “silently arrested”.

A source in the State House, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said both the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Department of State Services (DSS) have officially confirmed that no such arrests where made anywhere in the country.

The source said: “The democratic process in Nigeria is free and fair and all candidates – whether those from the established parties or minor ones – have the absolute constitutional and God-given right to campaign openly and without hindrance.”

“What is also the case is that anyone who breaks the law – whether they are a supporter of the government party or opposition – must be held to account for their actions. If, for instance, opposition parties’ supporters damage private property in the course of a campaign, march or rally, should they not be held to account if, for instance, governing party supporters defame an opposition figure should they not be held to account? Of course they all should.”

“What is however known about a Labour Party member who was bailed by the party’s chairman in Lagos State is that on 30/09/22, one Joseph Chimezie ONUORAH, Passport No: A12553760, arrived Nigeria aboard Air France.”

”He was intercepted about 22.30 hours at the E wing of MMIA Lagos by the Nigerian Immigration Service, at the instance of the Lagos State Police Investigation Bureau for an investigation that concerned him.”

Furthermore, a section of Nigerians on Social media have also called on the Labour Party Candidate to name the supporters that were arrested, the locations where such arrests were made and the security agencies responsible.

A human rights lawyer and social commentator, Felix Adekunle, has called on the Labour Party flag bearer to name victimized supporters, adding that such claims are capable of inflaming the polity.

“The political atmosphere is tense and the security situation too. Peter Obi should name those victimized and the police stations where some are detained. Give us the locations where they are being held and tell us the offences they are being held for.”

“We can’t keep throwing up claims and inciting Nigerian people for political gains. This has to stop.”

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