Police Launch Manhunt After New Tenant Allegedly Abducts Neighbours' Four Children in Abia

Police Launch Manhunt After New Tenant Allegedly Abducts Neighbours’ Four Children in Abia

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Abia State police authorities have initiated a manhunt following reports that a new tenant absconded with four children belonging to her neighbours over the weekend. The police spokesperson in Abia, Maureen Chinaka, stated that the incident was reported on Sunday, a day after it occurred.

According to the report, on December 17, 2023, at approximately 09:00Hrs, Mrs. Ifeanyi Udoma Ibe, a resident of Ubakala Street by Ossai Road, Umuahia, reported to the Central Police Station (CPS) Umuahia. She entrusted four children, including two of her own and two belonging to her neighbours, to the care of a new female tenant. The children are identified as Joy Udoma (female, three years old), Ogbonna Udoma (male, six years old), Chioma Kingsley (female, five years old), and Miracle Ikechukwu (female, five years old).

Regrettably, on the same day, the new tenant absconded with the four children. Mrs. Ibe informed the police that the tenant had moved in just three days before the incident and could not provide specific details such as the tenant’s name or phone number.

The police authorities have arrested some suspects connected to the unknown tenant, and an investigation is ongoing to determine the whereabouts of the missing children. The public is urged to report such incidents immediately to the police control room upon discovery and before physically reporting to the police station.

Residents of the state are cautioned against entrusting underage children to unfamiliar individuals. The police advise maintaining a vigilant approach when minors are seen with adult companions, suggesting that individuals interview both the child and the accompanying person. If unsatisfied with explanations, the police should be involved for necessary action. The authorities stress the importance of immediate reporting to prevent delays in addressing such occurrences.

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