Peter Obi Has A Problem Of Being Straight Forward – Adamu Garba Slams Peter Obi

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Adamu Garba has reacted to a video that showed the moment the former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi told a Channels TV reporter that Nigeria is in crisis and the coming general election in 2023 shouldn’t be the main concern now.

Peter Obi said that there is crisis in Nigeria and people aren’t safe anymore, he made it clear that it isn’t the issue of who will become the next president but the issue of when leaders across party lines would start to think differently.

The video caught the attention of Adamu Garba and he had an interesting take on what Peter Obi said. Garba said that Peter Obi is a politician and he should know that 2023 is one of the main concerns for now, he also wrote that Peter Obi is having a problem with being straightforward.

Garba described the former governor as a minimalist, adding that he isn’t seeing the bigger picture. Check out his post below

Adamu Garba wrote “former Governor Peter Obi has a problem with being straightforward. As a politician, he should know that 2023 is very much the thing. After all, Peter Obi is a minimalist, he always see the smaller picture.”

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