People That Are Agitating for Biafra Are Eating Their Time – Pastor Ritabbi Says (Video) you l

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As 2023 General Elections draw closer, many men of God especially Pastor Ritabbi have continued to share their view on the right way of politicking in order to elect capable hands into the system.

In this light, the Nigerian televangelist and General Overseer of Christ as of Old Ministries fondly known as “God of Now Now”, Prophet Ezenwa Ritabbi George has shared his own view about the Igbo presidency and agitations in the South East.

The Prophet in a video uploaded on his Church’s YouTube handle 10 hours ago, warned the Igbos against agitations ahead of 2023 presidential election, saying, “We just hate the truth in South East.

Until the Igbos realize they are deceiving and causing more harms to themselves, they will never see the presidential seat”.

According to him, if they feel marginalized, they should go and vote in whoever they want because they have the number as well.

He further condemned the sit-at-home they imposed on themselves, saying, “If only they know how much they are losing each day they observe sit-at-home, they will stop that nonsense.

The Igbos are the ones using their hands to scatter their economy. But I only pray for them to wake up from that dream”.

He concluded by urging them to go and get their PVC ahead of 2023 elections for that is the right way of doing things in a secular and democratic state.

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