PDP Disowns Its Acting BoT Chairman, Wabara, Over Endorsement of Otti for Second Term

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The Abia State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dissociated itself from the statement credited to Senator Adolphus Wabara, the acting Board of Trustee Chairman (BoT) of the party, endorsing Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, for a second term in office.

In a statement signed by its Vice Chairman, Abia North, Abraham Amah, the party said that Wabara did not speak the mind of the party but only spoke for himself.

The PDP described Wabara’s statement as “highly unfortunate and embarrassing” and warned him to be mindful of his conduct and statements in public, especially if he is not well-versed on the issue.

He said, “The Abia PDP dissociates itself with the said statement which presents Senator Wabara as someone who has either lost touch with the reality, is not at home with the undercurrents of Abia politics or one who probably spoke under the influence of some elements.

“While we recognise his entitlement to his personal opinions on issues relating to governance in Abia State and Nigeria, the Abia PDP is constrained to warn that such a highly placed official of the PDP who failed to deliver his unit for the Party during the last election should be mindful of his conduct and statements in the public, especially if the person is not well versed on the issue at core.

“The Party has appropriate channels of communication which must not be breached by any officer, no matter how highly placed.”

The PDP also debunked Wabara’s claim that the Port-Harcourt road project was flagged off for the second time, saying that the former administration in Abia State under Okezie Ikpeazu should share the credit for the project as it did some drainages on the road.

The opposition party further insisted that the project is a federal road and that the federal government should be held accountable for its completion.

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