Organised Labour Threatens Indefinite Strike over Fuel Subsidy Removal, Gives One Week Ultimatum

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The organised labour has threatened to embark on an indefinite strike from next week if the Federal Government fails to meet its demands over the removal of fuel subsidy.

Bellnews reports that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said the strike would be a shutdown of commercial and economic activities across the country.

Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, the National Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, Mr Christopher Onyeka, said the FG was wrong to share a bag of rice to a dozen citizens while reportedly giving N100m palliative to each member of the National Assembly.

“If the government fails to provide the appropriate responses to our demands, we encourage you to maintain your steadfast resolve. The same passion and determination that fuelled this warning strike will be crucial if we find ourselves compelled to embark on an indefinite nationwide strike,’’ the labour body said in a letter to the FG

The NLC had on September 1 handed down a 21-day ultimatum to the government over the delay in sharing of palliatives, saying it might be compelled to declare an indefinite labour action if its demands were not met.

The union said the government had failed to meet its demands, including wage awards, implementation of palliatives, tax exemptions and allowances to the public sector workers and a review of the minimum wage.

The NLC also accused the government of giving inadequate palliatives to Nigerians while reportedly giving N100m palliative to each member of the National Assembly.

The union said the government had absconded from the negotiation table and had not met the workers’ demands.

Workers have said they have been badly affected by the removal of the fuel subsidy, urging the government to quickly cushion the pains.

Some workers said their organisations have reduced the number of work hours and days, while others have adopted the work-from-home model.

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