Only One Candidate is Qualified to Take over from Buhari and we’ll know him – Peter Okoye

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Renowned Nigerian Music Artist, Peter Okoye is in the news again and this time around he has voiced his opinion regarding who takes over the mantle of leadership when President Muhammadu Buhari leaves Aso Rock villa, Nigeria’s citadel of power. He made his opinion known about the presidential hopefuls via his official Twitter handle @PeterPsquare.


According to Peter Okoye, several persons have signalled their interest to run for the most coveted political position in Nigeria but only one candidate is the real deal. He called on Nigerians to do the needful by getting their Personal Voters Cards ready.

He wrote;

“I will still say it again and again! Only one Presidential aspirant is most qualified to be Nigeria, Next President! We all know him but it’s in the hands of the delegates to do the right thing! 2023 election we must get sense!…. Get your PVC.”

Although, Peter Obi left Nigerians in the dark by stating that everyone knew who he was referring to as the most qualified candidates. He didn’t disclose the name of the candidate or give a hint about the political party of the so-called candidate

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