One More Word Of Insult From You Will Be Greeted With 3 or 4 more – LP, VP Datti Baba-Ahmed Candidate Warns Shettima

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The vice presidential candidate for the Labour Party, Datti Baba-Ahmed has responded to the various accusations made by APC members against them in an interview with Arise News by saying he would not put up with any of it again.

Datti asserted that he has all the evidence against the individuals making these divisive statements and added that he would not hesitate to make them public if necessary. He continued, saying it is regrettable when a candidate says things like, “To mention his name is a disgrace to me” or “Go and sell ice cream.”

He asserts that it is “unimaginable” that a candidate from their party would make such haughty statements as “calling somebody’s name is a disgrace and telling a certain running mate to go and sell ice cream.” He needs to stop it immediately. Mr. Shettima would face four more such insults for every one he makes.

They shouldn’t have a monopoly, and he needs to know that. In a very honorable and dignified way, we will say it more forcefully and painfully. Information about them is in our possession. It’s only a matter of time.

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