Ondo State Crisis Persists Despite Aiyedatiwa's Assumption of Leadership

Ondo State Crisis Persists Despite Aiyedatiwa’s Assumption of Leadership

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The political turmoil in Ondo State seems to persist, even after Governor Rotimi Akeredolu transferred power to his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, to assume the leadership role in an acting capacity. President Bola Tinubu’s intervention and the subsequent power shift aimed at resolving the crisis have not completely restored peace in the state.

While the move to appoint Aiyedatiwa as the acting governor was expected to quell tensions, some underlying issues remain. The crisis initially unfolded when Akeredolu traveled to Germany for medical treatment in April, leaving Aiyedatiwa in an acting capacity. Accusations of disloyalty and political ambitions marred Aiyedatiwa’s tenure, leading to intense power struggles and even an impeachment process initiated by the state House of Assembly.

Despite Aiyedatiwa’s survival of the impeachment attempt through legal means, the political landscape in Ondo State remains complex. The recent power shift may have temporarily eased tensions, but the underlying political interests of key players continue to pose challenges. The 2024 governorship election appears to be a focal point, with Aiyedatiwa and other members of the state executive council eyeing the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket.

Aiyedatiwa’s success as acting governor hinges on navigating political dynamics, fostering unity among cabinet members, and addressing key issues, including ongoing projects, the economy, and the contentious Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs). The latter has sparked protests, and Aiyedatiwa is expected to handle the alleged lopsidedness in appointing chairpersons.

Additionally, a group called “Sunshine for Better” has called on the acting governor to investigate allegations of forgery and other wrongdoings committed during Governor Akeredolu’s absence. The group seeks a probe into financial matters and actions taken by government officials while the governor was receiving medical treatment.

The political climate in Ondo State remains challenging, with the resolution of the crisis contingent on Aiyedatiwa’s ability to navigate internal dynamics, address public concerns, and ensure governance and development do not suffer amid the ongoing political maneuvering.

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