Obey These Three Common Rules To Be Rich

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Its no longer news that an average African man believes that money is the key to control almost everything, We tend to believe that those who are wealthy only make it by a stroke of luck.

Whereas, money is governed by principles. And when money is not controlled by principles/laws.

Hence, we need to acquaint ourselves with laws that control money in order to gain financial freedom.

In this article I will discuss with you three laws that governs money you need to adapt

1. Money Is Hidden Inside The Problem You Solve

Many of us run away from challenges. We tend to avoid them by all means. Whereas, the money we are all looking for is embedded in the problems we solve.

For example, fashion designers solve the problems that is related to clothing.

They help people design their clothes. The problems most people have is the inability to sew and design their clothes.

However, as fashion designers solve this problem, they earn money. Any problem you solve is meant to enrich your pocket.

Spiritual leaders solve spiritual problems and they are rewarded monetarily. So, if you don’t have the ability to solve any problem. It is impossible for you to be rich.

Hence, we all need to improve our skills and develop our capacity to solve problems.

The person that trivializes the importance of competence is in for many struggles in the bid to be wealthy in life.

Money demands that you begin to solve problems. As you solve these problems, money will flow into your direction.

There are transportation, spiritual, health, internal, educational challenges etc. Start solving any of these problems and you will gradually become rich.

You can’t become rich without solving problem. The riches you acquire without solving problems is temporary.

Develop your skills. Work on yourself and start rendering services to people and you are on your way to becoming rich.

2. Money Flies Away From Where It Is Abused To Where It Is Multiplied

It is imperative for everyone to have money management skills. Because you will soon lose the money you mismanage.

Abuse of money often lead to lose of wealth. Are you the type who squander money? Do you often spend money on frivolities?

Money automatically leaves the hands of those who mismanage it and goes to those who multiply money.

How do you multiply money? You multiply money by investing the little you have to make more.

Those who abuse money are those who spend money impulsively without multiplying it.

Hence, we all need to develop money management skills so as to increase our wealth. Avoid buying products to impress people.

The rich hardly buy things that will not produce more money for them. Start acquiring assets. Avoid buying liabilities.

Assets are the things that put more money to your pocket while liabilities take money out of your pocket.

If a car will not increase your income, you don’t need to buy it. Firstly, you don’t need to go for things that bring comfort if you are not rich yet.

Build your wealth before seeking comfort. At times, we lose a lot of money because we want to be comfortable. Beware! Multiply your money and you will become stinking rich.

3. Money That Is Gathered In A Dishonest Way Will Never Last

You may not like this but it is nothing but the truth. Duping people to acquire quick money will always produce thorn in your flesh. Do not forget that as you dupe people.

The victims will place curses on you. And curses are powerful because they have great effect on people’s lives.

I have yet to see a man who has become the richest man in the world by cheating people. And if such person becomes rich, his riches will only last for few years.

Stop participating in schemes that promise quick and sudden wealth. They will only dupe you and make you regret.

Start a business and invest in it. Work on your life and make your money gradually. Don’t be in haste be patient. You will be tempted to get rich quickly.

If you follow these principles dogmatically, you will enjoy an enduring wealth.

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