Obaseki Secretly Backing LP To Win Edo Gov Election, Akpata Is His Cousin: Ex-Commissioner Reveals

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Emwanta further alleged that Obaseki is covertly backing Olumude Akpata, the Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate, should the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fail to field a candidate due to internal conflicts.

Following the impeachment of former deputy governor Philip Shaibu, Obaseki appointed Omobayo, aged 38, as his new deputy.

Omobayo had contested the 2023 general election for Akoko Edo Federal Constituency under the Labour Party.

Emwanta expressed his concerns about the political landscape during an Arise TV program on Monday night, questioning Obaseki’s decision not to select a PDP member as his deputy.

He stated, “This same speaker, it was the deputy governor that paid for his nomination form. We were in court to prevent them from being kicked out as candidates of the PDP.”

Emwanta continued, “The governor did not clear any road, he was supporting a Labour Party candidate. The person who was sworn in today, was the Labour Party candidate in the last election.”

He criticized the appointment, emphasizing that if anyone were to replace Shaibu, it should have been a PDP member, not a Labour Party member.

Emwanta highlighted, “The governor also offered me Labour Party ticket. He operates as a PDP member during the day and Labour Party at night.”

In conclusion, he remarked, “This appointment is a confirmation of Obaseki’s romance with the Labour Party. He was in a hurry to bring in a Labour Party person so that when the PDP does not have a candidate, he supports the LP candidate who is his cousin.”

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