Obasanjo Sacked You Twice Because You Are Arrogant – Gov. Wike Blasts PDP National Chairman (Ayu)

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Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state called the PDP National chairman an ingrate, an arrogant person, and a failure.

Wike said that the PDP National Chairman had the guts to insult them and call them children. He reminded him how former president Obasanjo sacked him twice during his tenure because of how arrogant he was.

He also noted that the same person was impeached while he was a senator. In Wike’s voice, he said that he had the guts to call those who lifted him from the gutter children.

With the way Wike was talking, it seems that the PDP National Chairman insulted the Rivers state PDP. Wike also said that the PDP National Chairman is bragging that he was the one that lifted the party to where it is now.

Wike on the other side reminded him that those he’s calling children are the same people that picked him from the gutter to become who he’s today. He also said that if PDP wants him to help them lose in Rivers state, he will be very glad to do so.

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