Northeners Chants Obi Kerere Nkw Obi After Peter Obi Speech In Arewa House In Kaduna. (Video)

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Mixed reactions are trailing on social media due to a video that shows northerners chanting the popular “Obi kerere nke” song.

It would be recalled that Peter Obi along with his vice, Yusuf Datti attended an interactive session with the northern leaders at Arewa House in Kaduna State where he answered questions regarding his candidacy and his plans for Nigeria.

Before the section on question and answers, Peter Obi presented a speech that erupted the hall with cheers from northerners who were present at the event. His speech was welcomed with multiple rounds of applause and the popular “Obi kerere nke” chant could be heard loud and clear in the hall.

“Obi kerere nke” is a song that’s said to be of Igbo origin. Seeing that the northerners are also embracing the song shows that there’s unity in Nigeria beyond tribal or ethnic differences.

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