NNPP national chairman escapes assassination

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The national chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Dr Major Agbo, loyal to the founder, Dr Boniface Aniebonam, has escaped an assassination attempt in his office in Abuja.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, Agbo said that he escaped the assassination attempt in the NNPP’s newly opened office, adding that the attempt was made on his life while he was in the office on Monday, 16th August 2023.

Agbo said: “The most critical reason for this briefing today is to bring you to speed with an attempt made to assassinate me here in this office on Monday, 16th August 2023.

“I walked in here at about 2.45 pm, and shortly after that, two men walked in, ignoring the protocol advice from the desk boys in the front office.

“They walked in with weapons demanding to meet me; unknown to them, they were talking to me. It was evident that they never knew me physically, infact my saving grace was that I was not sitting on my chair. ]

“Pointing a short gun at me, they demanded that I produce ‘Major Agbo,’ who one of them claimed was his coursemate at Command and Staff College, Jaji.

“I asked him if he would identify his coursemate he was talking about if seen, and he replied ‘yes.’ I then told them Major Agbo was not around. They speedily withdrew, ran into their ash-coloured Toyota Corolla car parked by the express roadside (to aid escape) and sped away.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all aware of the recent developments in the party as a result of attempts to hijack it by some ill-advised elements and political opportunists.

“Let me also confirm to you that I have received several threats through WhatsApp voice calls telling me I would pay with my life for standing in the way in their quest to take the party from its founder and its mother organisation – NAGAFF.

“They made real their threat on Monday but failed woefully as they could not identify me. The matter has been reported to the appropriate quarters for action.

“It is my sincere hope that you would lend your voices to this brazen attempt to take my life over what does not belong to them.

“It is my hope that you would let the whole world know that my life is presently in danger by usurpers who were not part of our party in its twenty-two years of existence but only joined us last year.”

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