NLC President Reveals How Governors Can Pay ₦615,000 As Minimum Wage

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The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, on Thursday, noted that governors can afford to pay the proposed ₦615,000 minimum wage if they get their priorities right.
Ajaero stated this in an interview with Channels Television.

When asked if organised labour’s proposal of ₦615,000 is realistic, Ajaero said the amount is the “most realistic” considering the inflation in the country.

He further stated that the organised labour considered factors like transportation, housing, and feeding before arriving at the newly-proposed minimum wage.

Ajaero said, “If you are talking about being realistic, the N615,000 demand is the most realistic. Being realistic is not about slave wage.

“However, N30,000 is big money if inflation is brought down, and at a single digit.

“Look at the indices that create inflation. If you check them, you can talk about being realistic. All other factors in the country are going high and wages remain constant.”

Asked if states can afford the ₦615,000 proposal, the NLC president averred that it is not about ability to pay but the priorities of states.

He added, “I think we need to understand the issues of ability to pay and not getting the priority right.

“Most of the states that have shown willingness to pay the current minimum wage are not among those getting the highest revenue.

“During the time of Muhammadu Buhari, some states were declared not having enough money to pay and he released funds for them to pay.

“Those states still refused to pay. It is not the question of either the quantum of money that they have or not, it is what they decide to do with such money.

“If they get their priorities right, then a lot can happen.

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