Nigerian Rapper Skales Accuses EFCC of Property Destruction in Nighttime Raid

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Nigerian singer Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales, has accused officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of vandalising his residence during a late-night operation on Monday.

Bellnews reports that the entertainer made this known in a social media post on Tuesday morning.

According to Skales, some EFCC operatives, armed and wielding sticks and hammers, forcefully entered his home by breaking through his back door while he and his 6-month-old daughter were asleep.

Providing an account of the incident, Skales stated, “So @officialEFCC pulled up to my house with 3 men with guns and some with sticks and hammers lol, they broke my back door while I was sleeping on the bed with my 6-month-old daughter. Imagine I had a panic attack because of my health issues… Is this not a crime?”

He went on to deny any involvement in criminal activities, saying, “I am not a criminal, I have never done fraud in my life. You came in with guns to oppress me in front of my daughter and her mother & my staff.”

When advised to report the matter to the appropriate authorities, the entertainer expressed disbelief in the Nigerian justice system. He said, “I don’t even believe in the Justice system of Nigeria because it’s all lies. They are all the same and they are together.”

In another post, he questioned the agency’s decision to conduct the operation at night, asking, “Why do you operate at night? Is armed robbery part of your job description because I need explanation. Truth is, who do you want me to report to because nothing works in this country! They only know how to abuse power. They said they got intel that I’m into fraud lol. They said it’s a routine check. That’s all and they found nothing.”

The popular singer declared that the EFCC does not have the best interests of Nigeria at heart. He said, “I can boldly say today with what I’ve witnessed!! @officialEFCC don’t care about Nigeria like that because they would be professionals if they do, they are actually after the lives of young people like me, and to think that I’m against fraud is shocking it happened to me. So U guys now carry out routine checks @officialEFCC on folks? Na una staff talk am. for all U made my family go thru this night, my newborn and her mom. I hate U @officialEFCC. There’s nothing anyone can tell me again, @officialEFCC is a criminal organization, you better come pay for my properties that you have destroyed!! Stupid people. I just fucking got back from an event tried to put my daughter to sleep, then u wake me up to nonsense. I can’t even remember the last time I was this angry and scared in my life.”

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