New Constitution Expected in 24 Months, Announces Kalu

New Constitution Expected in 24 Months, Announces Kalu

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Honourable Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and chairman of the House Committee on Constitution Review, declared on Monday, February 26, that Nigeria’s new constitution will be prepared for presidential assent within the next 24 months.

He made this declaration during the official inauguration of the House Committee tasked with the review of the 1999 constitution.

The Deputy Speaker explained that the timeline was set to allow the President ample time to scrutinize the proposed changes before enacting them into law, especially amidst the busy schedule of an election year. Kalu emphasized the significance of constitutional reform in ensuring that the laws of the land reflect the evolving needs and aspirations of the people.

Furthermore, Kalu outlined various bill proposals received by the House, including those for the establishment of state police, granting states access to mines, enhancing women’s participation in politics, specifying taxes/levies for each tier of government, and creating the office of the Mayor of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

He also noted the reintroduction of several bill proposals that did not receive presidential assent during previous constitution alterations, such as empowering the National Assembly and State Assemblies to summon the President and State governors, and directing government policies toward ensuring the rights to food and food security.

Kalu acknowledged previous constitutional amendments, including granting financial independence to State Houses of Assembly and State Judiciary, redesignating “Prisons” as “Correctional Services,” transferring railways from the exclusive to the concurrent legislative list, enabling states to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity within the national grid, and mandating the timely submission of ministerial or commissioner nominees for confirmation.

Expressing readiness for the task ahead, Kalu highlighted the committee’s commitment to leveraging technology, social media, and inclusive engagement to ensure broad citizen participation in shaping the nation’s future.

In conclusion, he urged unity and collaboration, echoing the words of past leaders like Tafawa Balewa, and reaffirmed the commitment to democracy, justice, and progress, aiming to build a brighter future truly reflective of the people’s aspirations.

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