NAFDAC Introduces 'Green Book' for Validation of Registered Drugs

NAFDAC Introduces ‘Green Book’ for Validation of Registered Drugs

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The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has officially presented the Green Book, a comprehensive compilation containing information on 7,030 NAFDAC-registered drug products. The unveiling took place at NAFDAC’s office in Lagos, with stakeholders, including representatives from the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in attendance.

Prof Moji Adeyeye, the Director-General of NAFDAC, emphasized the significance of transparency in NAFDAC’s mission and reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of Nigerians. The Green Book, akin to the US FDA’s Orange Book, functions as a dynamic database that consolidates detailed data on registered products.

Adeyeye highlighted that the Green Book is an ongoing project, with the inclusion of vaccines underway, followed by other products. She stated, “Today’s launch is a collaborative effort, underscoring the importance of partnerships in advancing public health. It reflects our shared commitment to building a robust, sustainable healthcare framework for pharmaceutical oversight, ensuring Nigerians have access to safe and effective medicines.”

Expressing gratitude to stakeholders, Adeyeye acknowledged their role in regulating all NAFDAC-approved products. She invited everyone to join in the next phase of the Green Book initiative.

During the launch, Olufemi Balogun, Head of the ICT Unit, discussed NAFDAC’s drug information system. He explained, “The app provides a comprehensive list of all NAFDAC-approved medicines, including names, strengths, dosage forms, route of administration, ATC classification, and other marketing authorization details. The app serves as a single source of truth for healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public seeking reliable and accurate information about certified safe medicines.”

Dr Dumoi Afam, Deputy Director of e-registration and data management, added, “Our DG came up with the idea of having a one-stop-shop database where we can see all products registered by NAFDAC, starting with medicine. This app is launched to help patients, medical practitioners, and health providers check the status of any medicine brought to them for purchase.”

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