MY ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD. Bishop Ozioma Festus Ozoemena Ph.D.

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By Don Peter Okoro.

Bishop ( Dr.) Ozioma Festus Ozoemena is a highly respected man of God with a wonderful pedigree and amazing antecedents. He is a man of distinction and excellence. Apart from being the Presiding Bishop of Holy Ghost New Life International Church Inc., Nnewi Anambra State, he is equally a Vice Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria ( PFN) Nnewi North Chapter. Bishop Ozoemena also belongs to a Network of Ministers based in New York USA, known as Shepherd To Shepherd Ministerial Network, where he is the National Treasurer and Anambra State Director. He is at the same time a Principal Officer of the Pentecostal Bishops of Anambra State and the Bishop co-ordinating Anambra South, among other multiple and multifaceted Ministerial responsibilities he has been entrusted with in this country and beyond. In this discussion, he speaks on how he was prepared for the great task of Ministry and some of his encounters with God, hear him:”As I was preparing myself for the Ministry, there was a time I was praying, fasting and waiting on the Lord; I had fasted without food for 24 hours, so very early in the morning, in a vision,I saw myself in a place like a field and I heard a voice calling my name from above, the name that was given to me before I was born: “Ozioma” 3 times. I discovered that it was calling from afar and I had to respond in a native way: “Ahh!” The next thing I saw was a big envelope in my hand and on the right top of it, was an inscription which read:”From Heaven.” Then, the content said: ” Nothing Is Greater Than This.” It was a Powerful Divine Encounter. I soon woke up. The amazing thing is that up till today,I still feel the impact of that Letter in my hands, even as I speak: ‘ From Heaven. Nothing Is Greater Than This,’ ” On how he received the call, the well mannered and articulate Bishop narrated:”My call was such that came even before I was born.( Good a thing, my mother is still alive). When she was pregnant of me, she had messages and prophecies that the child she was about to give birth to would be a Servant of God. It so happened that even the name I was given that is:”Ozioma” meaning: “Gospel or Goodnews” was given to her as my name and it so happened that even the day I was born was a Sunday and it was during the service that labour came and she gave birth to me within the church premises at the Apostolic Faith Church shortly after the war. Of course, when I was growing up,it was evident that I was going to be a Servant of God. I had a lot of encounters with God, a lot of revelations and visions. Mine is a proven call that is real. I was given Jeremiah 1:5 It was given to me by revelation, even though I didn’t know what was there at that time. I opened it to discover that it said:” Before you were born,I knew you, when you were in the womb,I ordained you to be a Prophet unto the Nations.” On what led to the establishment of the Holy Ghost New Life International Church, he revealed:”Sequel to the call, because it was still the same vehicle, I gave my life to the Lord, that was in 1987 under the National Holy Ghost Church of Christ under Rev. Harrison Okolisa

But it was actually in 1990 that the call became very obvious for me to answer. So I came back from Lagos. Already, my mother was a Minister in the same Ministry and she was then at Oji River in Enugu State, because she planted a church there and several other churches she planted around those areas. Then through her Ministry and her Mission, I did my initial Christian works as a Christian Worker. Then in 1991, having sensed that there was an obvious need that I should answer the call, I needed to be prepared by way of Training. I now submitted myself for Theological Training. I enrolled and got admission into the Holy Ghost Theological Seminary Ndi-Owu in Orumba North LGA of Anambra State. I studied for a 3 year Diploma and graduated in 1994. While in school, the church posted me out to a branch to pastor at Nawfija in Orumba South October 1991. That was how my pastoral journey started. After some years,I was transferred to the International Headquarters of the same Ministry at Ndi- Owu to serve as the Pastor of the Headquarter Church and at the same time the Zonal Co-ordinator of the church. I rose through the ranks of District and National Presbyter and the principal personal Assistant to my General Superintendent. I was also given assignment in the same Seminary where I graduated. I was first of all made a Lecturer, then Vice Principal and later became the Rector of the same Seminary. I lectured for 24years in that Seminary. I served as Rector for 19 years during which period I trained and brought out a lot of Ministers,Bishops, Apostles and many of them.In that Ministry, 80% of the Ministers passed through me.”. Speaking specifically on how his Church started, he explained:”On the establishment of the Holy Ghost New Life International Church, it was shortly after my 25th Year Anniversary in 2016 and was Consecrated a Bishop, having been designated for about 9 years. I was Consecrated on the 26th of November 2016. After my Consecration,I continued in the Ministry, I was under a Shepherd. I served my master for over 29 years. That was when it became obvious that God had a Commission and a Mandate for me. He told me vividly and clearly, but I was waiting for the time and that was why when I was with my master,I served him to a fault. I served in various capacities. God kept on talking to men of God within and outside the country and they were all calling me that this is what God is saying. Not that I didn’t know, I knew, but I was kind of putting a lot of things into consideration, because that was not my drive. I have joy in service. I serve to the point that people misunderstand me and think that there is something I want to gain from it, but that is just the kind of heart God gave me. I believe that what goes round comes around and that whatever you want people to do unto you, that you should do likewise unto them. Service like respect is reciprocal and it is in the course of Service that leadership is developed. It was at the right time that God spoke and I had to heed the voice of God. I resigned honourably from my former church having served for over 29 years, and that was before the glorious departure of my boss and leader who had become very sick at that time, for the new direction from God Almighty who called and ordained me from the womb according to Jeremiah Chapter 1 verse 5. And the name of the Ministry that He gave me also has Divine Colourations. Holy Ghost New Life International Church Inc, which started in March 2020. We are presently located at No.47 Edo Ezemewi Road,Orie Agbor Abubor Nnewichi, By Old Ibeto Junction Near Teaching Hospital Nnewi, Anambra State.

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