Mr. Uchenna Ogbuawa is empty- says elder sister

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An old igbo adage says, “a woman who visited seven different markets and fought in all of them, is it the market people that is looking for her trouble”?

In one single press statement, Uchenna Ogbuawa accussed the Nigerian Police, Army, DSS and Press as conspiring against him and his late father’s family.

Worst still in response to his elder sister’s audio he insulted his late father Chief P.O Ogbuawa repeatedly, according to Uchenna in his audio “Chi Chi Bida is a bastard, harlot, “ashawo”.. he repeated twice useless daughter of an idiot, useless daughter of an idiot”.

Therefore, he just called his late father an idiot. Who is an idiot a Lazy Man. Late Chief P.O Ogbuawa is not lazy , he was a billionaire and never inherited the wealth from his father. Mr. Uchenna Ogbuawa should tell the world why he thinks his late father is an idiot.

Meanwhile, Bellnewsonline do not publish rumours. Bell News confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that those Mr. Uchenna Ogbuawa called assassin were men of the Nigerian Police Force on patrol.

Simple vincible ignorance is the form of ignorance in ethics that can be conquered by delegation.

So when Uchenna Ogbuawa was told armed men visited his office did he go to the police to make statement? Well, our investigations showed he didn’t, because he already tagged the police his enemy from his long narrative and resolved to blackmail men of the Nigerian Police Force.

Mr. Uchenna Ogbuawa”s modus operandi must have led his sister to conclude that he is empty and our company appears to agree strongly with that as we do not actually know who is Amaka Ogbuawa, we only laid hands on a video tape in which he was threatening to set ablaze his step mother’s car , we equally have another one in which he broke down doors in the house. In our company we deal with fact, so Mr. Uchenna should provide facts to back up his claims no matter how little, we will publish same for him free.

Example, he should give us a video of the thirty men that invaded his premises. Since he was able to count then, snapping them would have been more easier.


However, if he thinks we take things like to off tap, GP tank, interlock and other unsubstantiated “cry cry baby” claims serious, then he must revisit his values and stop polluting the media space with rather humorous, flippant, evaporative and feminine issues.

Whenever he has something serious he should reach out to Sailas for interview

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