Mouth Odour or Bad Breath, Causes and Home Remedies

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Mouth odour or bad breath, refers to a mouth condition which we have to deal with from time to time, which can originate from mouth throat or digestive system .

The causes can be poor dental hygiene food lodged between the teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay , smoking , chewing tobacco, and drinking.

Home remedies

1. wash two times a day in the morning and evening.

2. Before you sleep, you don’t need to brush horizontally as most people do, you need to brush vertically up and down.

3. You should brush your tongue as well, anytime you eat make use of toothpick to remove food particles that lodges in-between the teeth, but make sure you don’t pick too hard to harm or injure your gum.

Lime Juice

once-in-a-while wash with lime juice liquid from the line it kills bacteria in the mouth that causes the bad odour.

Other Solutions

Drink lots of water. This will keep your mouth moist. Chewing gum (preferably sugarless) or sucking on candy (preferably sugarless) also stimulates the production of saliva, which helps wash away food particles and bacteria. Gums and mints containing xylitol are best.

Keep a log of the foods you eat. If you think they may be causing bad breath, bring the log to your dentist to review. Similarly, make a list of the medications you take. Some drugs may play a role in creating mouth odors.

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