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By Don Peter Okoro

Sequel to the invitation from pupils/students and schools to participate in the forthcoming CAPPS Academic Championship, the Organzing Body has sent out more guidelines to direct the Participants. The guidelines states that eleven subject areas will be competed for.

The subjects are:

1. English/ Verbal/ Literature

2. Mathematics Quantitative

3. National Values a Civic, Security Education, Social Studies b. Junior History

4. Basic Science and Technology a Basic Science. b. Basic Technology c. ICT . d. Physical and Health Education.

5. Prevocational Studies a. Agric Science b. Home Economics

6. CRS or IRS

7. Cultural & Creative Arts

8. Speech Presentation

9. Current Affairs

10. Spelling Drills

11. Quiz and Debate.

Category B. Science Students

1. Mathematics,

2. English Languages.

3 Chemistry,

4. Physics,


6. Agric

7. CRSor IRS.

8. Quiz and Debate

9. Speech Presentation

10. Basic Science

11. ICT.


1. Mathematics

2. English Language

3. Commerce/ Accounting

4. Civic Education

5. Agric/ Animal Husbandry

6. History

7. Economics

8. Quiz and Debate

9. Speech Presentation

10. Spelling Bee

11. ICT.

Text Books.

The Text Books for the competition are approved by the State/ National Education Boards according to State/ National Education Curriculum towards one Educational System.

The Exam Question papers are handled and conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Every first eleven is a Winner and must take part in not more than two Subjects of their interest.

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