'Massive' Russian Strikes Kill Over 30 Across Ukraine

‘Massive’ Russian Strikes Kill Over 30 Across Ukraine

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In the most intense assault since the beginning of the war nearly two years ago, Russia launched a massive air attack over Ukraine on Friday, resulting in the death of at least 30 people and injuring scores across the country. The attacks targeted schools, a maternity hospital, shopping arcades, and residential buildings, according to Ukrainian officials.

The onslaught triggered international condemnation and renewed promises of military support to Ukraine, which has been resisting invading Russian forces since late February 2022. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated, “Today, Russia hit us with almost everything it has in its arsenal.” Ukraine’s military reported that Russia launched 158 missiles and drones, with 114 of them destroyed, making it the most massive missile attack of the war.

The attacks aimed to overwhelm Ukraine’s air defenses in major cities, employing a wave of Shahed attack drones followed by various types of missiles fired from planes and Russian-controlled territory. Ukraine’s Interior Minister Igor Klymenko reported that as of now, 30 people have been killed and more than 160 wounded due to Russia’s massive attack.

International condemnation followed the attacks, with the United Nations urging an immediate stop to the assaults. Poland reported that a Russian missile had passed through its airspace, prompting NATO to express solidarity with Poland. Ukraine is seeking continued military support from Western allies, emphasizing the need to stop the terror inflicted by Russia.

US President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve new aid for Ukraine, and Britain announced it would send hundreds more air-defense missiles to Kyiv. The strikes targeted at least six Ukrainian regions, including Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa. The capital Kyiv and other cities faced severe damages, including a maternity hospital in Dnipro, which was severely damaged but managed to shelter patients in time. The strikes led to casualties and destruction in various regions, prompting Ukraine to appeal for continued international support.

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