Man Who Buy’s His First Car Cries At Night Thinking It Have Been Stolen Not Realizing He Did Not Drive It Home The Previous

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A Nigerian man known as Obinna Ukwueze, has shared the funny incident that happened when he bought his first car in 2012.

He revealed that weeks after buying the car, he drove it to the office but it still had not registered in his subconscious that he was a car owner, so he forgot it at the office and went home.

Obinna said that he woke up around 11 pm and when he checked for his car, he did not see it outside.

He immediately broke down in tears thinking someone has stolen his new ride.

However, when he went to work the next day, he saw the car parked and that was when he realized that he had forgotten it at the office.

He wrote; ”A few weeks after I bought my first car around 2012, I went home forgetting that I already had a car.

I woke up around 11pm and cried that the car had been stolen.

I went to work next day and found the silly car siting there.”

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