Male Menopause: Factors That Trigger Changes In Men

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Male Menopause is a common term used by the media to describe a decline in sexual function in men.

Some people assume this decline is as a result of testosterone levels reduction but often this is not the case as some men have issues giving rise to younger ones due to various complications in the body.

In this article in line with a publication on NHS, we are going to have a look at some factors that could trigger changes in men.

Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Factors That Could Trigger Menopause Changes In Men?

There is nothing like menopause or andropause in men as many suggest but certain changes arise that end up reducing a man’s chances of giving rise to younger ones and there are factors that cause this to happen.

Below are the factors that could trigger changes in a man’s body which may end up leading to problems with fertility;

1. Lack of sleep.

Habitual lack of sleep can cause problems with copulation for men and also in the long run reduce a person’s sperm cell viability.

If you are a man, there is need for you to get enough sleep as poor sleep causes changes in the body and may even cause problems with fertility which could be regarded as menopause or andropause.

2. Drinking too much alcohol.

This is another factor that may lead to problems with giving rise to younger ones.

When you take too much alcohol, you end up reducing your sperm count which in turn could hinder your fathering a child.

This is worse for older men as this may lead to changes that will be regarded as andropause or a decline in testosterone when in actuality it’s due to the effects of excess alcohol.

3. Smoking.

Excess smoking is another factor that can cause earlier than normal changes in men which may hinder fertility.

Constant smoking can affect a man’s fertility in the long run and mess up with a man’s hormones thus causing unwanted changes.

4. Lack of exercise

This is another factor that may cause issues with a man’s fertility and cause changes that resemble Menopause or andropause.

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