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By Don Peter Okoro.

Minister Favour ( Real name: Favour Amarachi Dominic Udeogalanya) is an Upcoming Gospel Music Artiste. She is highly gifted in the areas of Voice Synchronization, Stage Craft, Dancing Skills, Audience Control and High Velocity Performance.

She is also Blessed with a Golden Voice that strikes a chord in the hearts of the congregation. Her entrance into the Gospel Music scene will no doubt cause a huge stir in the scheme of things, as she is presently working on some Chart bursting tracks that will soon hit the airwaves.Her Hit Track titled: “” I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD”” is bound to shake the entire Music Industry to its very foundation. She has all it takes to excel in her Music Career.

She has other Tracks like “”You Are The Miracle God”” and “‘Chidimma N’ Ime Dum”” etcetera. In an Online Interview with Don Peter Okoro, she revealed that she gets the inspirations to compose her songs while praying or even singing and sometimes while taking her bath in the bathroom or doing some household chores.

On her dreams, she stated:”My dream is to positively impact people’s lives, to transform people’s lives through my Music. To inspire people and give them hope for salvation, healing,deliverance and Godly living. I want my music to change people from bad to good and from good to better and best.

I want my music to change people to become the very best version of themselves. I am not just doing Music, I am doing Music to glorify God and to change lives for God.

My greatest desire is to see that my music is able to win souls for Christ.”” On her greatest influence, she mentioned: Victoria Orenze, Ugee Royalty and Esther Orji. She however paid special homage to Frank Edwards and King Williams and expressed the desire to collaborate with them.

Minister Favour who is highly appreciated for natural beauty and humility was asked how she feels when people commend and praise her, she replied that:'””I always feel good and happy, but feels better when Jesus is glorified.””

On whether she won’t backslide when she eventually becomes a Gospel Music Superstar? She disagreed completely saying: “”Not at all! My life now is by the Grace of God. When I become a Celebrity, my faith in God will continue to grow and I will be doing greater exploits for God.””

Minister Favour is the last daughter of her family and she is from a very good Christian family, her father, Deacon Dominic Udeogalanya is a respected Elder in their Church and her mother, brothers and sisters are all in the Choir Department.

She started singing Special Numbers right from the age of 12 years and she is receiving a lot of encouragement from her immediate family. Asked to say a word about her father in the Lord, Bishop Dr. Festus Ozioma Ozoemena, she answered:”My Bishop is indeed a true man of God. He is a God fearing man, humble and kind.

I am not saying this because he is my Bishop or to impress him, no, this is the pure and simple truth. He has always been there for me. For the fact that he is always available shows that he is a good Shepherd.

I wish others can come around to Holy Ghost New Life International Church, Nnewi to have a taste of what we are enjoying from this great man of God.”” Finally, she was asked to make a Shout-out to her fans and she screamed: “”Something is really cooking in my Music Pot.

Just get ready to listen and dance to my tune. And for those who wish to be part of my success story by ways of sponsorship, you can send a WhatsApp note to my Manager on 0803 138 6142. Stay close and thank you very much””

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