Kano Labour Union Shuts Down Govt Offices, Banks, Power Sector in Warning Strike

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Kano State chapter has shut down government offices, banks, and the power sector in the state in a warning strike against the removal of fuel subsidy.

Bellnews reports that the strike, which began on Tuesday morning, was led by the state’s NLC Vice Chairman, Ado Riruwai. Riruwai told reporters that all government offices in the state were under lock and key, and that banks and the power sector were also not operating.

He said that they were also proceeding to the airport to ensure that no flights took off.

The strike is in protest of the continued mass suffering and impoverishment experienced around the country, occassioned by the fuel subsidy removal. The NLC has said that the removal of the subsidy will lead to a sharp increase in the price of fuel, which will have a negative impact on the poor and working class.

The strike is expected to continue on Wednesday. The NLC has said that it will review the situation on Wednesday and decide whether to continue the strike or not.

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