JUST IN: “I Have Taken Enough From You!” – Peter Obi Angrily Confronts Dino Melaye [Video]

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The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party and Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Gregory Obi, angrily confronted a spokesman of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign and former Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye during a Townhall meeting on Arise Television on Sunday night.

Obi, who was fielding questions from the audience including Melaye, lost his cool after the former senator described his supporters as ‘noisemakers’ and continued to interrupt his speech with snide remarks and gestures.

“I won’t take this. That colonel is an ANPP person and you’re saying its Obi People. Dino, please stop that!”

“I have taken enough from you here. Why are you always calling me?”, a visibly annoyed obi said.

Bellnewsonline.com recalls that on earlier on Sunday, Melaye warned Nigerians against voting Obi stating that he would not win the 2023 General Elections and that the ‘Euphoria’ surrounding his candidacy was gradually ‘dying’.

Watch a video of the clash below;


Good reaction from OBI, stop calling him,he meant well for this country, instead of you guys to support him and save nigeria and you er busy insulting him..


Sunday Ojosays:

Dino is a mere political jobber. He wiol always act scripts of his paymasters. Is not a gross injustice for anybody to be campavNigerians beware!


Anthony Esekhaigbesays:

Dino or Dinosaur. The man full of theatrics.

Obi should have let his silence speak much more louder for him. To aspire to be a president of a nation, you must be prepared to be heckled.

Dino wanted to annoy him and he gave him a cheap victory,I think Dino really wanted the other side of Obi known,and I am glad he got it I was beginning to have a second thought on the candidacy of Obi because of his too much calmness in the face of criticism though the calmness is good but Nigeria need an aggressive leader who will confront issues both in and out of the country…….weldon Mr. President *incoming *

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