Islamic Scholar Adepoju Accepts Pastor Adeboye’s Challenge To Preach At Mosque

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The Chief Lecturer of the Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP), Mallam Yusuf Olatunde Adepoju has accepted the challenge thrown by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, calling on Imams to allow him to preach in their mosques on Sunday.

Adepoju a renowned comparative religious scholar in Nigeria, said he was ready to grant Pastor Adeboye’s request, adding that he is also ready to accept the challenge to preach in his Redeemed church on Friday.

Adeboye, who oversees the biggest church in Nigeria with a capacity of a million worshippers at once, said in a viral video clip monitored by Muslim News that he’s looking for Imams that would allow him to preach in the mosque and in turn, such Imams would be allowed to preach at the RCCG world biggest auditorium.

The highly revered clergyman was responding to people who criticised him for preaching in nightclubs, telling them he has not even reached his destination.

“My friend said I was backsliding. He asked, how can you be holding church services in nightclubs?” Pastor Adeboye told hundreds of thousands of his congregation at a service, stressing that, “As I previously stated, Sunday mornings are never busy at nightclubs. Sleeping at home are those who frequent the area to consume alcohol. As a result, it is vacant and available for use.

“Spirits is another name for alcohol. The next morning, we go there and ask the Holy Spirit to drive out the opposing spirit. There was a saving of souls.

“I informed those who were starting to put pressure on me. I told them I have not even reached where I am going. I am going to be looking for Imams who will agree with me that they can use my church on Friday and allow me to use their mosque on Sunday,” he added.

In his reaction, the fearless comparative scholar, welcomed the request by Pastor Adeboye, in a rejoinder video; saying: “On behalf of ACADIP and the entire wonderful team, we have agreed to come to RCCG in Mowe to preach, even if it’s not more than 30 minutes. We’ll also grant his request to come and preach at ACADIP mosque in Ilobu.

“We are ready to have Dr Pastor E.A Adeboye in our midst. We also agree to come to his church at Mowe in Ogun State,” he said, with his statement punctuated by affirmation from his congregants.

Daddy GO, as Pastor Adeboye is fondly called by his members is yet to accept Ustadh’s Adepoju’s challenge as at the time of filing this report on Monday, December 26, 2022.


Muslim News findings revealed that over the years, Mallam Adeboju through his over 27 years of comparative Da’wah work, has been able to preach and invite more than 5,000 non-muslims to accept Islam, the only religion ordained by Allah, for mankind.


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