Insecurity: We Need Assistance Bandits Asked Us To Bring 2 Million To Buy Kolanut Before Peace Will Be Sealed – Alhaji Kursheki

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The insecurity caused by bandits in the North West has continued to affect many communities and locals who are the most hits in the region.

Several communities have begun to reach out to the bandits to negotiate peace pact with them to stop the incessant attacks by the terrorists and go about their normal businesses.

This move by the locals came with a huge price as the bandits gave them several conditions they must meet to honor the peace pact and for it to be sustained afterward.

A report by Bellnews Online on Thursday showed that the community leader of Kusherki District of Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State, Alhaji Garba Kusherki has disclosed that the community needs support to pay the N 2 million demanded by bandits before the peace pact is sealed and ensure no group of bandits attack them again.

According to the report, the bandit terrorists had an agreement on a peace pact with the locals on conditions that they would not report them to security agents whenever they cross their communities with rustled cattle.

Alhaji Garba Kusherki also revealed that the bandits told their delegation to bring N 2 million to buy kola nuts to share amongst all their colleagues and friends before the peace pact would be sealed.

He said, “the bandits had demanded N2m to buy kola nuts that would be shared among their colleagues and friends to know that a peace pact had been signed with the victim communities, promising a return of peace if the conditions they gave were complied with”.

The community leader explained that their delegation met with the bandits in their base in the forest close to Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State.

He further revealed that the terrorists have killed more than 30 of their men and kidnapped their women and children.

He added that the terrorist told them that after the peace pact no bandit group will attack their communities again but their contribution is not up to the demand of the terrorists which made him call for support.

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