Insecurity: Military is very hard on bandits – Gumi

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Controversial Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has accused the Nigerian military of being ‘very hard’ on bandits in the northern part of the country.

Gumi said both the Army and Air Force have launched ground and air strikes that have killed the bandits’ families.

He spoke on Wednesday while fielding questions during an X Space titled, ‘When will there be an end to Nigeria’s recurring abductions?’.

Gumi insisted that it is only a non-kinetic approach that can halt the activities of bandits in the North.

He said, “To them (military) they are fighting a war. Honestly, the military has been very hard on them, the Air Force is killing their families.

“When you think of synergy, you can’t rule out the military, but there has to be synergy. Let the non-kinetic approach be in the front. When it fails, then the kinetic can come in.

“And in fact, it will come in a better position because the non-kinetic approach will give access to have a better intelligence, better knowledge and with that kind of intensive engagement in negotiation.”

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