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By Don Peter Okoro

The Chairman of the Young Progressives Party, Nnewi North, Comrade Chukwudi Iwuchukwu has submitted that the Distinguished Senator Representing Anambra South Senatorial District,Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has been involved in philathropic and charitable activities long before he became a Senator.

He made this clear recently during an encounter in Nnewi where the Senator was commissioning some gadgets for Solar Powered Street Lights. Speaking, he said:”I am telling the people of Nnewi North and Anambra South in general that Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has been working for Anambra State and Nigeria long before he became a Senator.

His commissioning this Street Lights Project is just one of the innumerable projects he has been doing.What he is doing is like building on top of something he has been doing over the years, but some people think that he just started working now that he became a Senator. Before he became a Senator, he was instrumental to the reduction of the dollars at a certain point.

There was a time there was National scarcity of fuel and kerosene in the country, he released all his fuel Tankers to the rescue and with that singular action, averted what would have turned out to be a National disaster.

As a Successful Businessman, he has sponsored countless number of people to China and other Oversea Countries and facilitated their success in life.

He has intervened in the cases of our children who were trapped in detention overseas and secured their release. It’s long that he has been helping Igbo people. As a Senator, it was Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah that saw that Nigeria was losing a lot of money and moved a Bill to stop it. As a result of the importance of the Bill, it was taken to the President who was on a sick bed in London to sign and he signed it and Nigeria was delivered from that colossal loss.

If we start talking about what Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has done for the people, night will come and day will break and we are just beginning the story. This Solar Powered Street Lights which he brought is going to be shared 50_50 among the 119 Wards in Anambra South. And they will be positioned in very strategic areas.”

On his prayers for the Senator, he offered:”My prayer is that God in His infinite mercies and goodness will continue to grant him strength and wisdom and to give him and members of his family long life, so that he will be able to fulfill all the works that the Almighty has assigned to him. May God lift Senator Ifeanyi Ubah and put him where he desires to be so that he can achieve all his life’s aspirations. In Jesus name amen.”

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