Ifeanyi Ubah Bitter Over Anambra’s progress under Soludo

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

Over the past year, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has shown bitterness and jealousy towards the progress made by Anambra under Governor Soludo’s administration. Despite having previously praised Soludo as a godsent for Anambra, Ubah’s attitude has shifted, showing his true character, leading to numerous attempts to undermine Soludo’s stellar performance without garnering significant attention.


While Senator Ubah claims to be engaging in opposition politics, his actions, particularly his known “desperation” through his News Online Media team, have been criticized as promoting anti-Anambra progressive news. Ubah’s kind of opposition has remained helpless and clueless and has deepened his state of confusion by becoming more unrest with himself.


Soludo remains unfazed by Ubah’s theatrics and is not giving any thought to his classless opposition. One thing is certain: Senator Ubah will campaign for Soludo, vote for him, and secure his vote in Nnewi once Soludo announces his intention to seek re-election. Currently, Soludo is fully focused on creating the Anambra of our dreams. Ubah should continue dancing at Nkwo Nnewi while the rain continues to beat him.

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