If The Next President Is From South, Northerners Would’ve Voted For Him Nigerians-Baba Ahmed

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In a statement released by Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed, during his interview with the Sun Newspaper, when he was asked how the Northern Elders are guiding the average Northerner on what and what issues to consider before voting, he revealed that the Northern Elders Forum has a way of engaging the Northern Voter, but they respect his right to choose. He noted that the NEF would defend the right of the Northern voter to vote for any candidate he chooses, even if he is from the North.

He said, “Today, out of the 18 Presidential candidates, 5 are from the North. They are not there to make up the numbers. If one of them becomes president, it would not be because northerners alone voter for him. Majority of Nigerians would have preferred him over all others. That is how the constitution prescribes it. If the next president is from the South, northerners would have voted along with majority of other Nigerians for him. He will be their president too”.

He noted that the Northerners have voted Nigerians from the south into office as president in the past.

What do you have to say about this statement from Hakeem Baba Ahmed?.

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