If Nigerians Don’t Congratulate Us We Will Congratulate Ourselves For Leading The Country Right – Lai Muhammad (Video)

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The Nigeria Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, in a recent interview on BBC Pidgin, has said that if Nigerians will not commend the present administration for doing a good job, the administration will commend itself.

The Minister said this after he was asked to rate the performance of the present administration in Nigeria.

According to Lai Mohammed’s response to the question thrown at him by the host, he said that the present administration has done a lot for Nigeria, and they should be commended for doing a great work.

On the issue of the recent order given by the Zamfara state governor, Bello Matawalle, asking residents of the state to pick up arms against bandits, Lai Mohammed has described the order as a bad talk.

The Minister said that the governor was not supposed to give such order because it would create more problems for the people in that state.

Talking further about the situation in the BBC Pidgin interview, Lai Mohammed said that when residents pick up weapons, how are we sure the residents know what to do with such weapons.

The Minister said that such people can use the weapons to kill their fellow people in the community.

While giving his solution to the issue in Zamfara state, Lai Mohammed said that the governor should provide the Police and the Nigerian Army with weapons and vehicles to combat bandits.

Interestingly, the host asked the minister how he expects state governors to provide the military with vehicles and weapons when they have not paid the salaries of their workers and that should it not be the responsibility of the federal government to provide weapons and vehicles for the military.

While responding to the question above, Lai Mohammed said that it is the state governors who know what they have been doing with money that they could not pay their people.

According to him, all arms and hierarchies of government are suffering the insecurity and are also responsible for the well-being of the country, and he only knows what he did for the security forces in Lagos state to ensure that people could sleep peacefully.

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