If I Don’t Become The Next President of Nigeria There Will Be Calamity and Disaster In Nigeria – Pst. Chris Okotie

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Chris Okotie in a speech said you can see where we are headed; the indicators are very clear that if we do not do something now while we have the time, this nation will break into fragments.

It could even lead to war because there is so much anger, there is so much resentment.

The politicians have divided us into ethnicity and religion. That is why we must do something at this point in time.

Only a credible leader like me can have the kind of support from Nigerian people for this kind of project because they themselves know what is going on.

Things are so bad. I have been a pastor for about 35 years, and I work with people and I know the pain, their anguish, the resentment that is growing in the polity; we must do something to assuage the situation.

Those who know Chris Okotie know that I only stand on the truth. I believe that as I begin to expatiate and elucidate this concept, our people will listen because they know that is the only way forward. If not we are back to square one.

We don’t need a regime change; we need a system change.

Nigeria must change its system of operation. That is the only way we can have peace, unity and prosperity.

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