I Wish The Election Result Would Be Cancelled and Tinubu’s Victory Nullified – Asari Dokubo Says, Gives Reason

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Asari Dokubo expressed his desire for the election to be called off and Bola Tinubu’s victory to be overturned in a live video that was streamed on Facebook. To explain his reasoning, he continued.

Asari Dokubo contends that people who asserted Peter Obi won the election should be aware that winning the presidency does not always result from a “structureless party.” Additionally, he claimed that Obi would lose the election even if it were held ten times.

According to Asari Dokubo from the video (27:07): “I wish the election will be cancelled, and Tinubu’s victory nullified. Let’s hold another one if it’s possible so that everyone can see that Tinubu won hands down. Let’s see if winning even one State this time won’t be exceedingly difficult for Obi. The Labour Party was only successful in winning Abia State in the governorship election, as was observed.

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