I Never Lost My Polling Unit In 16 Years But I Lost It To Peter Obi In Presidential Election – joe Igbokwe

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A chieftain of the APC and special adviser to Lagos State Governor on Drainages, Joe Igbokwe has disclosed that for sixteen years he never failed to deliver his polling unit for his party in every election until the last presidential election where he lost it to Labour Party’s Peter Obi.

Speaking in a meeting, Igbokwe said the reason why he lost the polling unit in his street in Lagos for the first time in 16 years is that his street is dominated by Igbos who decided to vote massively for Peter Obi because they want to produce a president of Nigeria.

About 1:50 minutes into a video shared on YouTube by Sahara TV, Igbokwe said “I have not lost an election in my polling unit since I went to that street. I have been in that street for 16 years and I have not lost an election in that place. But the presidential election, this one I lost there and I know the reason.

“We have three major ethnic groups as candidates. Peter Obi is on the ballot from southeast, Asiwaju is on the ballot from southwest and we have somebody on the ballot from the north. I didn’t blame my people for voting because they are many there (sic). I told them three major ethnic groups are on the ballot and you don’t expect my people to come one hundred percent and be voting for another candidate when we have not ruled this country since the end of the civil war in 1970″.

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