I Know The People Who Leaked Peter Obi’s Call With Oyedepo, They Are Even My Friends – Pat Utomi

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Labour Party Chieftain, Professor Pat Utomi has come out to speak on Peter Obi’s alleged leaked phone call with Oyedepo where he reportedly begged Oyedepo to help him canvass for support from the Christian community.

According to Professor Pat Utomi who appeared in an interview on AIT’s Kaakaki TV program this morning, the phone call is not a big deal even if it’s common knowledge that some parts of the video were doctored.

In his own words as seen on AIT

“I don’t see what there is in this thing. You know, in Nigerian politics, I know the people behind this leaked call, they are my friends and they are masters of inventing something to take people’s attention away from the real issues. Every politician cannot assume complete, total authenticity of that video, every politician appeals to every sentiments of a religious nature to religious leaders. There nobody who has ran for president, even Muslim leaders that has not gone to Oyedepo for support, so how this is a peculiar case, I don’t understand. These are government agents, security agencies in our country are being used to prevent our country from making progress. A time of judgement will come for everyone, eventually.”

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