I Can’t Be Blamed For Insecurity In Imo State, Security Measures are Controlled By FG – Uzodinma

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The governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, has disclosed that the insecurity that is being experienced in Imo State is caused by his political opponents who has been promoting insecurity in the state.

Hope Uzodinma said that he should not be blamed for the insecurity in Imo State because all the security measures are controlled by the federal government.

Uzodinma was of the view that security in Imo State is the main duty of the federal government and his government is only playing second fiddle to the federal government in terms of security.

Speaking further, Hope Uzodinma said that opposition parties in Imo State are the ones that are causing insecurity in the state. Uzodinma said that the political opponents promote insecurity so that they can accuse him of not providing security for residents of Imo State.

Hope Uzodinma went on to say that nobody can single out Imo State when talking about insecurity because national security is all about the 36 states. Hope Uzodinma also stressed that Imo State has experienced relative peace during this festive season.

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