I Am Not Doing It For Money: Journalist Who Offered to Give out One Kidney To Sonia Ekweremadu Says

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The sick daughter of the former deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, Sonia Ekweremadu, was given a kidney by Kaduna-based journalist John Femi Adi, who has claimed that his offer was not motivated by financial gain.

A few weeks ago, John Femi made headlines when he declared his intention to give one of his kidneys to Sonia. According to him, God had commanded him to love his neighbors as himself.

In addition to revealing that Sonia was diagnosed with a rare kidney ailment in 2019 and that it has been difficult for her to live with the condition for the past three years, he made the statement after she went out to ask for kidney donations from members of the public.

John Femi Adi, a former secretary of the Nigerian Union of Journalists’ Kaduna Council, claimed in a recent interview with Bellnewsonline.com that he is not aiding the girl because he expects payment in return. He claimed he was not in need and that he had a number of investments that could support his family.

He said – “I am a contented human being, who has worked and invested in real estate and farming. At least if I die today, my children have what to fall back on. Paying school fees and feeling will never be a problem. With all sense of humility, I am not poor to the point of donating my kidney to survive or eke out a living. The action is merely a cause for helping someone in accordance with the principles of my Christian religion.

He claimed that his family members have been concerned for him ever since he made the choice, with some of them even fearing that he might pass away. According to him, the discussion of death should be avoided and instead should center on the fact that he is attempting to preserve a life. He claimed that the act was a heartfelt one and that he feels confident in his ability to navigate any obstacles with safety.

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