I Am Not Ashamed To Admit That Our Government Have Failed Nigerians in Some Aspect.

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Adams Oshiomhole told Arise News that he and the APC government are not ashamed to admit that they have failed Nigerians at some aspect. The former Governor of Edo state said that their government tried their best, but they weren’t able to do all they promised Nigerians.

Adams Oshiomhole said that it doesn’t only happen in Nigeria, it also happens in other countries of the world, the government doesn’t really do all they promised the people. He also said something about the subsidy being a scam.

He said that subsidy is being used to rob Nigerians, there’s no importance of subsidy in Nigeria as he believes that it is all scam. He was asked about the authenticity of the APC’s manifesto.

Adams Oshiomhole said that the APC’s manifesto contains all the solution to the current problems of Nigeria. It contains all the “how to” in solving all the problems that Nigerians are passing through today.

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